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Mlife e-cigarette’s brand value and advantages in international and domestic markets. 

Mlife e-cigarette’s brand value and advantages in international and domestic markets.  

To expand the domestic market, we created our own brands: “Mlife”, “Peoplesmoker”, “YanQu”, etc.

All the Mlife products have passed the international certifications: CE,ROHS,MSDS,GS,SGS,PSE,FDA, ect.

We have a special laboratory, and a strong R&D team composed of multiple senior engineers, e-cigarette experts, and technique staff.

     We introduce OEM/ODM mode into our products, and have been invited by various international fairs, which bring us many great foreign customers.

1. Invitation to 2015 Poland Fair

2. Invitation to 2015 Hongkong Fair

3. Invitation to 2015 London Fair

4. Invitation to 2015 Canton Fair

5. Invitation to 2016 ASD Fair

6. Invitation to 2016 CES Fair

7.Invitation to 2017 CES fair

Our sales exceeded 200 billion dollars in 2016. And we have been continuously improving our production system, and try to build a more outstanding team. While maintaining a long-term cooperation relation with our old customers, we continue to develop new customers. And, we believe we will have a more perfect OEM/ODM corporation mode.

How to get e-cigarette in its prime?

  How to get e-cigarette in its prime?

     As  the saying goes that pearls are everywhere but not the same as the eyes,e-cigarette is popular in the market,but there is little related plays and

 stunts.  this article will bring you to experience the wonderful shows on e-cigarette. pls follow our official Wechat accornt for more wonderful content

 and e-cigarette courses.

How to improve the work of e-cigarette through the power regulation mode and the temperature control

Power regulation mode and temperature control

Both the power regulation mode and the temperature control mode can make e-cigarette work more effectively. More heat energy, then more vapor. And heat can be controlled through regulating the wattage, according to the physical formula that energy= wattage x time. The temperature control mode can not only protect the e-cigarette from too high temperature, but also enable the users to heartily exercise their skills in operating e-cigarette by working together with the power regulation mode. The use of the power regulation mode and the temperature control mode is a technology innovation in the e-cigarette industry, which greatly enhances the user experience.

What common problems to do with e-cigarette? And how to manage?

What common problems to do with e-cigarette? And how to manage?

The common problems with Mlife e-cigarettes are closely related with the basic knowledge of e-cigarette.

Now we begin analyzing problems caused by insufficient knowledge of e-cigarette.

· E-cigarette doesn’t  light up, and not vapor comes into being. Why?

1. Low power or out of battery! Different e-cigarettes, different battery and usage.( pls refer to the corresponding user manual.)

2. The battery is in a protected state! When working continuously, the battery will suffer higher and higher temperature, and end up with a protected state that will cause suspended work.

3. And should check if the connection of the atomizer and the battery is loose.

· Does the vapor decrease?

1. When less vapor is generated, you should check if there is still enough e-liquid in the Cartridge/atomizer, and then replace with a new Cartridge atomizer or refill e-liquid if necessary.

2. And, you should have a knowledge of the features of e-cigarette. Some e-cigarettes are equipped with power regulation mode, temperature control mode, and air intake size switch.

3. Pls avoid overfilling, and 70 percentage of the total capacity should be the maximum amount. Overfilled e-liquid will cause leakage or bad atomization effect.

· Why is there abnormal noise when e-cigarette works?

You will heard sizzling sound when using e-cigarette. And beginners may worry about the risk of exploding. In fact, the sound comes from the vaporization process in which e-liquid in the atomizer is heated to transform into gas. So, please don’t worry.

It’s normal to intake a bit of e-liquid into the mouth.

1. Can’t overfill the atomizer. Too much e-liquid filled will affect the atomization effect and easily cause e-liquid leakage.

2. Vaporization process brings forth heat. But when touching the drip tip of low temperature, the vaporized gas will transform into liquid, and then turn into small droplets on inner wall of drip tip that can easily be inhaled into the user’s mouth. The user can avoid this problem by using not too much e-cigarette..

How does e-cigarette work?

How does e-cigarette work?

The three important components interact with each other to make the entire e-cigarette work.

By connecting atomizer, battery supplies power to atomizer, then the heating wire in the atomizer generates heat.

The role of atomizer is to distribute the e-liquid in it and make e-liquid transform into gas by touching the hot heat wire. The gas generated is in fact the vapor that will not do bad to our health and has not harm of the traditional smoke.

What components does Mlife e-cigarette consist of?

 E-cigarette is mainly composed of atomizer, battery pole, and e-liquid. The three components are complementary and indispensable.

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