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Why does my nebulizer burn a few times? Solve nebulizer problems Encyclopedia


Why did the nebulizer burn a few times?

I believe that many players have encountered this problem. After just doing a new coil data and pumping a few mouthpieces, the nebulizer will become hot and almost impossible to use. What is the reason for this? This problem is directly related to the coil data, the power used, the size of the atomizing bin, and the amount of intake air. We know that the greater the power used, the higher the calorific value. The lower the coil resistance used at the same voltage, the larger the heating wire volume and the higher the heating value. The larger the atomization bin, the lower the heat accumulation effect and the greater the space for heat dissipation. The greater the intake air amount, the more heat is taken away. Then we can analyze it very well. What is the problem in any respect, which leads to a serious increase in the temperature of the nebulizer? We will then analyze it in detail according to the condition of the nebulizer.

atomizer short

Dripping oil atomizer

The data used on non-salt type drip nebulizers is very loose, they usually have large atomization bins and great air circulation, so most of the heating filaments are compatible. However, when using a double-fancy heating wire and a coil with a resistance of 0.15Ω or less, it is prone to overheating. We can reduce the power to use it.

Dripping oil atomizer

If you are using a teat, a mouth-watering drip type atomizer, don't choose to install a low-resistance heating wire and a fancy heating wire (low-resistance and fancy heating wires require higher power. To push, it can reach a suitable working state). Because this kind of atomizer usually has less air intake and the space of the atomization bin is extremely compressed, the heat radiated by the heating wire can be easily conducted to the atomizer capsule. In this case, the temperature of the smoke is also extremely high. High, not suitable for use. Therefore, the use of a heating wire with a diameter of 0.4 or less is recommended for such nebulizers.


Large smoke storage atomizer

Although the atomization bin of the large-smoke and oil-storage atomizer has been enlarged compared to the mouth-feel type, the size of the oil atomizer cannot be reached in the end, and the atomization bin is located inside the atomizer and cannot be very good. Will be emitted as far as possible (stored smoke oil will absorb most of the heat, but may cause the smell of smoke oil to change).

atomizer short

Taste oil atomizer

The traditional mouth-type oil atomizers have very small atomization chambers and air passages, and the oil guiding oil passages are usually small, and the electrode post bases are not suitable for installing thicker heating wires. If you force the use of low-resistance coils (under power usage consistent with the data), there will inevitably be problems such as smoke overheating, nebulizer overheating, and insufficient oil supply speed. Therefore, it is also recommended to use a heating wire with a diameter of 0.4 or less on such an atomizer.

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