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Why are cigars so popular? The scientific question of cigar

Why are cigars so popular? The science of cigars asks.

As we all know, the origin of cigars is not simple. Until now, the history of cigars has been several hundred years old. Cigars are the first of all the birth of tobacco. The original America in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico was the first place to grow tobacco, followed by North America, South America, and so on. Later, they discovered that Cuban Indians used palm leaves or plantago grass to roll up the tobacco. This is what we traditionally call a cigar.


How to choose a good cigar?

Cigars must be hand-made, especially full-leaf cigars. The size of each cigar is different. Because the hand is based on the size of the leaves, and each degree of power, the shape of the leaves is closely related! Handwork requires continuous practice of cigarette technology. It can be well grasped when selecting leaves and cigarettes. Then it is better to control the size of the cigar. The bitter taste is a good cigar. A good cigar is of course bitter and sweet. The bitter aftertaste is the best in a cigar, and the thick cigar smell bursts in the process of enjoyment! You are soon filled with this scent.


The best of cigars will automatically extinguish when you do not suck. It is not the same as traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes that burn out when they don’t smoke will be considered unqualified! Many conventional cigarettes have added oxidizers, and good cigars cannot add oxidizers, which seriously affect the taste of cigars. Good cigars are not sticky after enjoying. A good cigar has the effect of relieving cough and removing phlegm. In the spontaneous combustion of the tobacco, harmful ingredients are continuously decomposed and the tobacco leaf becomes elastic, and the taste becomes full and full.


The cigars love to sandwich the cigar between the nose and the upper lip, and enjoy the original taste of the cigar. It is because this taste is very positive and people feel relaxed and happy. To this end Mlife e-cigarette latest Mlife Clgar3, is a cigar three generations, improved the taste of the past! When you open the lid is a thick cigar flavor that makes you fascinated, Mlife Clgar3 electronic cigar can do this taste is really good 6 ah!

Mlife Clgar3

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