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Counterfeit electronic cigarettes hit the market, how can brand e-cigarette stand in 2018

The electronic cigarette industry is fiercely competitive. Counterfeit electronic cigarettes have hit the market.

Many electronic cigarette factories have risen dramatically! E-cigarette brands need to wake up beforehand. E-cigarettes are an important year in 2017. Genuine e-cigarettes must stand live! How to deal with the impact of various electronic cigarette workshops has become the focus of the topic in 2018, supporting genuine brands to eliminate counterfeit products and safeguard the interests of market consumers. Is our company's common goal.Mlife电子烟品牌

The quality problems of e-cigarettes on the market have occurred frequently, and often many of them are products of non-regular manufacturers, risking the operation of underground factories, without any guarantee, quality evaluation and so on. Many electronic cigarette explosions have no trademark registration certificate and product quality management. Counterfeit products hit the market, and the safety of e-cigarettes is a world of wind. As an e-cigarette company, we must work together to maintain the e-cigarette market in a concerted effort to restore the credibility of our e-cigarette brand to consumers.


What is the greatest guarantee of consumer interest in 2018? True gold is not afraid of fire! E-cigarette evaluation is to identify the best product quality certificate, after the public measurement, beta of electronic cigarette will be more secure, ensure that the product's maximum security is the precondition for the company to establish a brand reputation. Only in this way can you live in a number of electronic cigarette brands! Which brand of electronic cigarette fly? 2018 announced!


Shenzhen Yanqu Electronics Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. During the past 10 years, we have focused on research and development of electronic cigarette production, professional equipment, and testing platforms, as well as more than ten years of experience in our R&D team. Products have passed their own serious testing and then to the public test, each successful test, we have seen our rigorous, serious, scientific and professional teamwork. In 2018, Tobacco Electronic Products Co., Ltd. actively participated in e-cigarette evaluation. Our products dare to face, and we must focus on our production strength and corporate responsibility. It is our product that is regarded as the life of our company, and the security of consumers is the burden we bear! Dare to dare to act, smokers who work hard for their dreams are dedicated to work. Regardless of which position we are responsible for, if we use responsibility to do everything well, the younger employees will also harvest the spring of the business! Smaller companies will thrive like mushrooms.


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