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IECIE Electronic Cigarette Show, Tobacco Fun Co. Joins Overseas Customers

Mlife brand

The Shenzhen IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition successfully ended in 2018. The annual e-cigarette feast ended in early summer. The bird's eye view of the entire exhibition site was full of fiery, passionate, hot singing and hot girls, famous models at home and abroad gathered at the exhibition hall, mysterious electronic cigarette players, wonderful The event is extremely hot! We are welcoming all the world's leading exhibitors, international-level VIP buyers, VIP guests and participants in the world who love the electronic cigarette business.

The tobacco-e-cigarette brand Mlife continues to innovate. In just one month's time, E-commerce e-cigarettes are ready for the show. There are various ways to find the best way to quit smoking and Mlife e-cigarette brands. Mlife Electronics The reputation of the cigarette brand in the world is a good word of mouth. Mlife electronic cigarette brands originate from innovation, especially the Mlife-P4 non-combustion cigarettes that catch up with the trendy is famous for the entire market. The effect of charcoal fumigation makes you endless. , Tobacco interest e-cigarette brand Mlife has been advancing with the times, a person-oriented, and strive to create the peak of smoking cessation products.

Mlife brand


Mlife Electronic Cigarette

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