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Tobacco Fun Mlife brand newly released new products

Tobacco Fun Mlife brand newly released new products


Cigarettes are harmful and there are thousands of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide. Many smokers will choose electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation, because electronic cigarettes do not have carbon dioxide and harmful substances. But the taste of smoke oil and real smoke are still different from each other! E-cigarette smoking cessation is only a time when the actual effect did not occur! Is there any real smoke that does not harm the body?


The answer is yes! In 2018, the Mlife brand of Mutton Electronics released the new Mlife-P4 flue-cured tobacco. The effect of using the charcoal-burning effect of steamed smoke is shocking! It is a real smoke that does not burn, its taste is very mellow, you walk while drawing a strong flavor of tobacco so that you can quit smoking but also enjoy the true smoke! Among them, the amount of new smoke of Mlife is not high, because it is baked through internal heat, and the low-temperature non-tar type real tobacco is burned. Mlife-P4 is not smoke-based, but enjoys the kind of baked steamed and smoky taste, accompanied by real smoky silk.烟趣电子Mlife品牌

This Mlife new product has no harmful substances than the traditionally burned cigarettes. The harmful substances used in cigarette smoking and tobacco control have played a fundamental role. The effectiveness of this Mlife cigarette is not better than that of using tobacco. Electronic cigarette poor oil! After all, Mlife is completely true smoke. The research and production of smoking interest electronic Mlife brand focus smoking cessation products has long found such problems, the traditional electronic cigarettes for the smoke effect is not good, it is difficult to achieve the role of smoking cessation!

After our hard-core electronic research and development team worked hard, personal trials! The newly released Mlife-P4 has successfully filled the gaps in the use of e-cigarettes for cigarette smoke in the past, allowing you to smoke without losing the taste of cigarettes. Mlife-P4 will not let you experience the sequelae of smoking cessation. This is the great achievement of the tobacco interest Mlife-P4! Realize the dream of smoking and feelings. The uniqueness of our Mlife product is not to be outdone. The lightweight and compact machine features a strong sense of contrast and is extremely three-dimensional. The black body with 24K golden light and dark resolution, shiny and matte color fully identified, Mlife-P4 real high-end smoking cessation products.

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