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2018Mlife electronic cigarette series interview, so that novices who love electronic cigarettes are

2018Mlife electronic cigarette series interview, so that novices who love electronic cigarettes are overjoyed

In recent years, the large number of smoke manual DIY series electronic cigarette has formed a player market. Excessive smoke and complicated operation make newbies far away! The trend in 2018 is more to plan for the novices who love electronic cigarettes! At the same time, it also drove the rapid development of the electronic cigarette market. The simple and lightweight electronic cigarette has become a market advantage in expanding the industry circle.

Mlife electronic disposable smoke series: Mlife Crown electronic cigarette, camouflage appearance is more young and energetic, the middle of the "little beggar" is the ignition switch, so you experience the pain like a rocket. Small smoke sticks, large smoke, a variety of fruit flavors, colorful summer cool peppermint, let you fly.

Mlife Electronic Cigarette

Mlife Hookah series of small cigarettes: The special colors are arranged in orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple to attract big sisters! A new generation of women's e-smoky mouth feels smooth, let the goddess dump in your little gift.

Mlife brand

Mlife Korea Small Smoke, Mini pen: More friends who haven't experienced electronic cigarettes before entering the circle, let your electronic cigarette become fashionable accessories.

Mlife brand Mini pen

MlifeS2 small smoke: ceramic atomizing core to create the core of the transformer, 900mAh battery capacity, USB charging interface, it is a most cost-effective big smoke electronic cigarette.

Mlife brand S2

Mlife M1 series of small smoke: using a plug-in interface allows you to quickly replace the cartridge, magnet-type charging mode allows you to charge more directly, you can also pull out at any time, experience within reach. Mlife design not only solves the inconvenience of the user's operation experience, but also breaks through the conventional design concept in the design, and Mlife-M1's sleek appearance is full of curvy artistic beauty. At the bottom left of the front there is a small display that allows the user to observe the battery level at any time. Mlife M1's battery capacity is 1500mAh, the bottom design of the USB interface, Mlife-M1 is equipped with an emergency mobile phone charging function, charging the phone at any time, to protect your call without hindrance.

Mlife brand

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