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The child unknowingly buried the root cause of smoking, in the end who is responsible

Jiangsu Yangzhou campus electronic cigarette incident

It is daunting to look back at the electronic cigarette incident at the Yangzhou campus in Jiangsu. Electronic cigarettes have "invaded" campuses and even children, seriously affecting young people's physical and mental health. The consequences are disastrous! The development of e-cigarettes often places smoking cessation in the first place and vigorously publicizes the effects of e-cigarette smoking cessation to open up the market. After years of development of the industry, with the birth of China's first e-cigarette standard, e-cigarettes have become more popular and practical. Because of its good smoking cessation effect and no harm to the human body, there is no particular limitation on its use. So young people also follow suit.

Teen buys electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes become a stylish decoration for campus

For this reason, young people who are full of curiosity can't help but be attracted to e-cigarettes. They understand that e-cigarettes are not only harmless like cigarettes, they can also play with smoke ring stunts and add beautiful colors to their youth. . Various types of e-cigarettes have also become fashionable decorations on campus, and even certain electronic cigarettes are called the love of colleges and universities. Let the buddies open up more crazy and they no longer need to smoke and hide.


Smoking is to enjoy torture, quit smoking is to endure torture

The most hated by parents is that minors smoke. Once a parent reported that he had been exposed to cigarettes since he was 7 years old, he was just curious, secretly hiding and smoking, full of curiosity and endless aftertaste. The smoking cessation episodes were repeatedly painful due to the failure of repeated smoking cessation during the middle age of smoking addiction! His deepest feeling is that smoking is tormented by torture. To quit smoking is to endure torture. The period of real smoking addiction is 10-18 years old. At this stage, the youngsters smoke and the smoking addiction closely follows you like a shadow, unconsciously deeply buried the bane. Is this the responsibility of society or the responsibility of parents?

How big is the harm of smoking

It is the trader who distorts the electronic cigarette's product attributes and realizes the “shared economy” promotion product.Electronic cigarettes have always been smoking cessation supplies and are not suitable for young people. However, traders distort the properties of e-cigarettes, attract young people through various flavors of e-cigarettes, and use “introduction” to achieve “economic sharing” and “business” so that e-cigarettes spread the campus at a rapid rate. According to experts, the adolescent's respiratory system has not yet been fully developed. Inhaling this atomized mist will affect the child's lung function. Even though the electronic cigarette does not contain nicotine and does not contain tar, it is easy to produce new differences through the group's smoking and change. Become a real smoker!

Sharing economy

Youth smoking is not only the responsibility of parents, but also the responsibility of society.

The first is health education. How important is it to guide youngsters to smoke? Professor Fang Xiaoyi said: In the past, education for teenagers always emphasized the long-term harm of smoking, but teenagers felt that those hazards were far from their own and they did not receive attention. Therefore, through the sore throat, cough, sputum, etc. make young people feel the pain of smoking! In addition, they should be told what kind of harm they will have to their smoking. The second is to teach adolescents to resist peer-temptation techniques. Some teenagers do not come from their personal wishes but are forced to smoke after being tempted by their peers. Therefore, they must educate them on how to resist temptation and achieve good relations with refusing to smoke. Third, change young people's perception of smoking there is a wrong, so we must encourage them to establish a correct outlook on life, turn their attention to the construction of social civilization, encourage young people to participate in various social activities such as smoke-free, tobacco control, and participate in such a team. Naturally, it raises the awareness of adolescent health. The fourth is the responsibility of parents. Encourage parents of students to start from their own example, do not smoke in front of children, do not drink, guide children to read books, organize healthy family activities, and maintain a good family atmosphere.


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