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The history of the pipe, and its rich connotation art

The pipe has a long history and contains rich knowledge and unique art.

  In 1821, the owner of a French sepiolite pipe factory accidentally destroyed the beloved Meerschaum pipe while traveling to Napoleon’s hometown of Corsica. He invited a local carpenter to use the local better one. Rosewood material to copy a pipe for temporary use. However, this move unexpectedly discovered the unique quality of rosewood. Its hard texture and heat resistance are undoubtedly good materials for making pipes. So he bought a large number of rosewood and shipped it to Saint Claude in France to make a pipe. Saint-Cloud is a small town in the Jura Mountains, close to Geneva, where many outstanding craftsmen gather. Therefore, St. Cloud became the birthplace of the rosewood pipe. In 1860, a group of St. Cloud's artisans were invited to London to start the manufacturing of British rosewood pipes.

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After the pipe was spread to China, it was not yet known how it was used because it was not supported by physical evidence. In 1980, the Guangxi Provincial Museum Work Team excavated three porcelain pipes in the Shangyao kiln site in Hepu County. At the same time, it also unearthed a circular shank made of porcelain with a diameter of 9.5 cm. The inscription on the circular surface of the seal script “Jiajing was made on April 24th, 28th” proves that the 3 pieces of pipe and crushed stone are relics from the same period. It has a history of more than 500 years and confirmed as early as Jiajing year. Some people in China started smoking with a pipe. In the early days of the Republic of China, smoking in large Chinese cities began to be popular. However, because he did not have cigarettes and the price was relatively expensive, he had not yet formed a mainstream.


In recent years, the pipe culture has risen quietly in the metropolis. The symbolic position of the Chinese pipe, the supreme, luxury art, and even the rising upstarts in recent years have a good economic foundation and a high cultural level. History and culture have developed a keen interest, abandoning the habit of smoking cigarettes, picking up the pipes of different famous artists, tasting unique cigarettes, leading the pipe culture of the new era, and becoming pipe makers of the times.

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With the continuous improvement of the quality of life of the people, more emphasis is placed on health and environmental protection. Smokelessness, less smoke, and tobacco control have also become the development goals of the social groups. In order to meet the needs of the market, Mlife's newly developed Mlife product not only satisfies the need for smoking cessation, but also keeps pace with the times. This means that the style design art of the original pipe is maintained, and the noble quality of the pipe is enhanced. Mlife P3 pipe body and bracket are made of rosewood, Mlife P3 with black cigarette holder design style, even more distinguished. The body buttons and the joints are all using 24K gold plating technology. According to the ergonomic design concept, the Mlife P3 pipe's scientific balance of weight and feel gives the user an enjoyable experience. Mlife P3 pipe uses 30-35 watts of high-power output, 1500 mAh battery capacity with Android charging interface, and 2.3ml of fuel injection to meet the needs of users throughout the day experience. Stainless steel atomizing core and heating wire are heat-resistant and can protect the normal use of the pipe.

   The rarity of people has always been the concept pursued by the Chinese people. There are numerous cigarettes on the market, but they can retain the noble design style of the pipe and reflect the concept of health and environmental protection. This is undoubtedly a technology is an art, Mlife P3 has successfully integrated science and technology with design and art, highlighting its functional beauty, formal beauty, and cultural beauty. It is uniquely crafted and offers value for money, making you worthwhile.

making you worthwhile.

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