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The best way to quit smoking

The best way to quit smoking

On May 31st, 2018, another world no-smoking day will come. At present, the number of smokers in our country has not been reduced. On the contrary, the number of smokers continues to increase, reaching 520 million people. The average life expectancy of smokers continues to decline. Female smokers also Increasing. The World Health Organization (WHO) held its 6th International Conference on Smoking and Health in Tokyo, Japan, in November 1987. At that time, it took April 7, 1988 as the “World No Tobacco Day” and proposed “To smoke or to be healthy. "The slogan. Later in 1989, the World Health Organization formally changed the no-smoking day to May 31 of each year.

Mlife The best way to quit smoking

The best way to quit smoking

Through the establishment of the smokeless day, the people pay more attention to the concept of health! One person is harmed by smoking, and secondhand smoke has become an invisible killer! At the time, we endanger our health. Smoking cessation, cigarette control, and smoke-free have always been the ideal environment we pursue. There are many interesting slogans for protecting the environment and not smoking. Many smokers do not know what is the best way to quit smoking? What are the best ways to quit smoking? The smokers have been plagued by this smoke. Many smokers have tried many ways to quit smoking, but they have not successfully quit smoking.


The best way to quit smoking is to throw away lighters, cigarette packs, and more! Can this be a success? However, losing it and returning it is really speechless! The aftereffects of smoking cessation are also varied and have always plagued the people's determination to quit smoking. Smoking cessation starts from me, and continues to strengthen the supervision of children, reducing the breeding of smokers for future generations! Encourage your child to participate in some smoking cessation activities! Improve children's alertness to tobacco.

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